Make The Yuletide Gay

14.49 EUR

'Having to spend Christmas apart was always going to be difficult for new boyfriends Nathan and Gunn. After all, Nathan has to spend the festive season with his distant, cold Mum and Dad and Gunn is going to have to go right back in the closet to survive the holidays with his wacky parents. But when Nathan surprises everyone by turning up unannounced on the doorstep Gunn is forced to juggle his desperate charade whilst curbing the couple''s ever-growing desire to be in each other''s arms. It soon becomes clear that he is going to have to make a tough call - come out of that Christmas closet or spend this vacation a virgin! A worldwide festival hit with a heart of gold and filled with bright, witty dialogue, Make The Yuletide Gay is one holiday treat you will want to savour many times over.'

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