Soccer AM Dream Team

8.49 EUR

'Helen Chamberlain, Max Rushden and the rest of the Soccer Am crew tackle the task of unearthing the team of their dreams. Who makes it through the filter of football''s funniest show? Does the Premier League take precedence or does La Liga lead the way?? This DVD answers the big questions as the Greatest Team In The World takes shape with all the shimmies and showboats you''d expect from the beautiful game''s most dashing. Soccer AM IIII - The Greatest Team In The World also features your favourite characters from the show that has shaped Saturday mornings for over a decade on Sky Sports. Tubes, Health and Safety, Rocket and Baby Elvis are among the familiar faces joining Helen and Max to indulge in a special set of sketches while all your favourite sections from the show including Kung Fu Academy, Third Eyes and the return of the 10 Goal Celebration complete the line up. Making OfTubes and Sway - The PhatsoDance Off 2009Jimmy Bullard Outtakes and more'

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