Nearest & Dearest - Series 1

5.99 EUR

'Eli and his sister Nellie are an odd pair - he is an ageing bachelor with a reputation for being one for the ladies she, on the other hand, has no reputation at all when it comes to romance. When their father dies, leaving them a run-down pickle factory and a load of problems, not only do Eli and Nellie have to come to terms with their new-found staff, harder still they must come to terms with each other. The comic team of Jimmy Jewel and Hilda Baker take on the roles of Eli and Nellie.It Comes To Us All (aka Thicker than Water)The sun is setting on twelve tons of pickled onions. A dynasty is dying...and who''s left?Lead Me To The AltarA little late love for Nellie. But was it worth keeping the home fires burning for?The Danger List If you go a funny colour, lie low: it''s all in the mind .Take A Letter Of course i need a private secretary. Fifty copies of the Annual Report in pencil just isn''t on these days .You Make Me Feel So YoungThe elixir of youth - old wives'' tale or a racing certainty? Well, if it worked for Stan...The Wrong Side of the SheetsAn accident of birth - but does it really matter what you are? It happens in the best families...'

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