Bettie Page - Dark Angel

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'America''s sweetheart in every way, Bettie Page became an icon of the 1950s, winning hearts with a sweet smile and girl-next-door demeanor, which could quickly morph into that of a vixen in bondage, or a playful, naughty kitten. She was discovered in New York City after a difficult but triumphant childhood in Nashville, Tennessee, by an amateur photographer for whom she agreed to pose. Bettie went on to become the nation''s most beloved pin-up model, achieving her greatest renown as a 1955 PLAYBOY centrefold. Prominently positioned in the public eye, she nonetheless ended her career in 1957 and moved to Florida under rather mysterious circumstances. This documentary concentrates on Bettie''s last three years at a pin-up model before her disappearance. During this time she was working with Irving Klaw, the first famous fetish photographer, who made Bettie one of the first bondage models. Klaw was investigated by the US Senate, and subsequently destroyed many of his photographs. DARK ANGEL accurately recreates some of the lost work in Klaw''s original style.'

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