Blue Eyelids

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Winner of a Special Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival, Blue Eyelids (Parpados Azules) is a startlingly original debut exploring the quest for love, from a major new force in world cinema, Ernesto Contreras. Marina (Cecilia Suarez) wins an all-expenses-paid holiday for two through a lottery at her work. Unable to find any friend who could accompany her, she decides on Victor (Enrique Arreola), who she meets in a coffee bar. Over the course of a series of dates, Contreras presents the difficulties of finding happiness in the modern world. With a nod to the deadpan comedy of Aki Kaurismaki and Tsai-Ming Liang, and featuring music by Ray Davies, Blue Eyelids is a heartfelt, subtly nuanced drama that marks out Ernesto Contreras as a director to watch. Special Features: Interview with Director Ernesto Contreras Trailer

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