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'Jean Reno (Mission: Impossible, Ronin), Gary Oldman (Sid And Nancy, The Dark Knight), Danny Aillo (Do The Right Thing) and Natalie Portman (V For Vendetta, Black Swan) in her film debut, all star in this highly influential, seminal 90s action/thriller.Directed by Luc Besson (Subway, The Big Blue, Nikita, The Fifth Element), Leon is the controversial and unforgettable story of an unlikely friendship within a brutal and violent world. Twelve-year-old Mathilda lives within the desperate confines of a squalid New York apartment block. On returning from a shopping trip Mathilda finds that her abusive, dysfunctional family (and her beloved younger brother) have been slaughtered by a psychotic, drug dealing police officer. In fear of her life she takes refuge with her reluctant, mysterious and solitary neighbour. His name is Leon and he''s one of the world''s deadliest assassins. And while Mathilda begins to teach him how to live, Leon begins to teach her how to kill. Special Features: Director''s And Theatrical Cuts - Director''s cut available for the first time ever in the UK! Leon - 10 Year Retrospective Featurette Jean Reno: The Road To Leon - Featurette Natalie Portman: Starting Young - Featurette'

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