Cast Offs

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'A darkly comic drama series telling the story of six disabled characters sent to a remote British island for a fictional reality TV show. Six disabled people. 90 days. One barren island. Will they survive? The reality TV show is fictitious, but Cast Offs, a comedy drama about the making of a disabled take on Survivor, is about to become one of the most talked about programmes of the year. Disability is one of television''s last taboos and Cast Offs tackles it head on, with a script stuffed with sex and politically incorrect jokes by writers from Skins, Shameless and The Thick of It. Each of the six episodes is from the viewpoint of a different character in the fictional show: a blind man, a deaf woman, a paraplegic man, a woman with dwarfism, a thalidomide-affected man and a woman with cherubism.'

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