Apartment 1303

6.99 EUR

'Japanese horror tale of a haunted high-rise block. When a young woman takes up residence on the 13th floor of an apartment block, she thinks she''s fallen on her feet. Unfortunately for her, she soon wishes she had. As her boyfriend approaches the entrance, his attention is drawn to the top floor where he sees her screaming as she falls from the balcony. This chain of events is repeated with the next female resident, Sayaka, whose sister Mariko (Noriko Nakagoshi) begins to establish a pattern to the events. It transpires that a single mother and daughter, who shared an abusive relationship, once occupied the apartment. When the daughter, after years of abuse, finally snapped, she killed her mother, throwing herself from the balcony in fear of arrest. Mariko, failing to convince the police of her discoveries, returns to apartment 1303 expecting to find her mother. She''s not there - but something else is.'

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