John Tucker Must Die / My Super Ex-Girlfriend / Just My Luck

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'John Tucker Must Die Don''t get mad. Get even. When three popular girls from different cliques discover they''ve all been dating the school stud, they band together to seek revenge. Despite the romeo''s charm and ever-growing popularity, the girls cleverly scheme with the help of the inconspicuous new girl in town, to soil his reputation and break his heart.My Super Ex-Girlfriend He broke her heart. She broke his everything. Ivan Reitman directs this comedy in which Matt Saunders (Luke Wilson) thinks he''s found the perfect girlfriend in Jenny Johnson (Uma Thurman), who just happens to be smart, sexy...and a superhero. But when Jenny turns out to be a needy, neurotic mess, Matt wants to call it quits. Jenny is crushed by the news and will stop at nothing to exact sweet revenge.Just My Luck Everything changed in the blink of an eye... Lindsay Lohan is a Manhattan socialite who''s never had anything but the best of luck -that is, until she kisses the unluckiest man on Earth (Chris Pine) at a masquerade ball and their fortunes swap...'

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