Boy Meets Girl

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'Danny Reed (Martin Freeman) is directionless and dissatisfied with his lot in life. Working at a DIY superstore, he vents his frustrations on the customers, when not pining for his co-worker Fiona (Angela Griffin) or foisting his encyclopedic knowledge of useless information onto loyal friend Pete (Marshall Lancaster). He really is a world away from the successful, vivacious Veronica (Rachael Stirling), whose job as a glamorous fashion journalist provides her with a well-stocked bank account and an even better stocked social calendar. Worshipped by her devoted boyfriend Jay (Paterson Joseph), Veronica seems to have it all. So when a freak accident traps the mismatched strangers in each others bodies the results aren''t pretty, but they are hilarious.BOY MEETS GIRL is a sharp, witty comedy-drama from the pen of new writing talent David Allison. The four-part series invests the fantastical gender-swap scenario with a surprising creditability thanks, in large part, to the central performances of Freeman and Stirling. As Danny and Veronica struggle with their new identities they begin to discover new truths about themselves. But besides learning to walk in high heels or being forced to ''slum it'' with the working classes, the pair long to get back to their own bodies and ultimately, their old lives... getting someone to believe them, however, is only hurdle number one!'

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