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'This film adaptation of GREASE is the zippy smash hit translation from the Broadway musical tribute to the fabulous 1950s. As a new school year begins, wholesome Australian exchange student Sandy (pop star Olivia Newton-John) and duck-tailed, leather-jacketed Danny (John Travolta) parlay their summertime romance into an on-and-off attraction that may or may not cross clique lines. Sandy seriously cramps Danny''s style, so he dumps her. In response, Sandy begins dating a wholesome athlete, but, as a hedge, she also joins the gum-chewin'', tough-talkin'' clique known as the Pink Ladies. One of the most beloved musicals of all time, the popular soundtrack includes ''You''re the One that I Want,'' ''Hopelessly Devoted to You,'' ''Sandy,'' ''Summer Nights,'' and the title tune. GREASE was a phenomenon when it was released in 1978, taking the box office by storm and the soundtrack album topped the charts. John Travoltawho had broken free from supporting roles in the previous year''s SATURDAY NIGHT FEVERcemented his reputation as one of Hollywood''s most bankable stars and Olivia Newton-John''s recording career benefitted immeasurably from the success of the film, but GREASE''s appeal has yet to wane, as it has been loved by every successive generation in the decades that have passed since.'

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