Thriller - Complete Series

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'The complete collection of terrifying tales from Brian Clemens'' classic series.Famed scriptwriter Brian Clemens is probably best known for his work on ''The Avengers'' and ''The Professionals'' but arguably the his best work is ''Thriller'', a series he made for Lew Grade in the mid 1970s. ''Thriller'' is an antholoy series of single plays - some horrific, some terrifying - but always with a singular twist in the tale.Highly popular and critically acclaimed in its time, ''Thriller'' attracted a high calibre of stars. With tales featuring foreign agents and time bending serial killers (and all points in between), ''Thriller'' set a new benchmark for quality horror in the 1970s.This set contains the complete run of 43 episodes (6 series).Series 1:1. Lady Killer2. Possession3. Someone At The Top Of The Stairs4. An Echo Of Theresa5. The Colour Of Blood6. Murder In Mind7. A Place To Die8. File It Under Fear9. The Eyes Have It10. Spell Of EvilSeries 2:1. Only A Scream Away2. Once The Killing Starts3. Kiss Me And Die4. One Deadly Owner5. Ring Once For Death6. K Is For Killing7. Sign It DeathSeries 3:1. A Coffin For The Bride2. I''m the Girl He Wants To Kill3. Death To Sister Mary4. In the Steps Of A Dead Man5. Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are6. The Next Scream You HearSeries 4:1. Screamer2. Nurse Will Make It Better3. Night Is The Time For Killing4. Killer With Two Faces5. A Killer In Every Corner6. Where The Action IsSeries 5:1. If It''s A Man Hang Up2. The Double Kill3. Won''t Write Home, Mum I''m Dead!4. The Crazy Kill5. Good Salary, Prospects, Free Coffin6. The Next Voice You See7. Murder MotelSeries 6:1. Sleepwalker2. The Next Victim3. Nightmare For A Nightingale4. Dial a Deadly Number5. Kill Two Birds6. A Midsummer Nightmare7. Death In Deep Wate Special Features - Trailers Who Killed Lamb'' thriller special from 1974 starring Stanley Baker Extended version of ''Nurse Will Make It Better'' US credits Stills gallery Original set designs Interactive menus Scene selection'

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