Quiet Chaos

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'Quiet Chaos is what Pietro Paladini has felt in his heart ever since his wife''s sudden death. Pietro is a successful executive, happily married and father of a 10-year old daughter, Claudia. One day, after having saved the lives of two women who were drowning, he arrives home only to discover his wife has suddenly died. From that moment on his life changes radically. Pietro takes Claudia to school on her first day back and decides spontaneously to wait for her until classes are over. He sits in his car, wanders in the park and has coffee at a nearby cafe. He decides to do the same the following day and the days after that. Pietro waits each day for the pain to arrive. His bosses, fellow workers and relatives all come to console him but end up confiding their own pain and difficulties, surrendering to his incomprehensible calm.Gradually, Pietro begins to look at the world through new eyes. In the end, it is through his love for his daughter that Pietro finds the key to a kind of spiritual rebirth and emerges from this journey with a newfound love of life.'

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