Bausch & Lomb Ultra Presbyopia 3 Pack

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Benefits: Comfort all day. MoistureSeal technology means your lenses stay comfortable all day. Clear vision at all distances. Read a menu as clearly as you see road signs. Keeps your eyes hydrated. PVP, a wetting agent, allows your eyes natural moisture to spread over the lenses. Bausch & Lomb ULTRA for Presbyopia lenses help you focus on objects near, far, and in-between. Not only do these lenses provide clarity of vision, but also remain comfortable throughout wear. They are made with a wetting agent to keep your eyes moist, helping to keeping the lenses comfortable all day. Presbyopia is a condition that happens when your eyes get older. You might have presbyopia if you find it difficult to focus on objects close to you, such as reading your phone screen. Ask your optician if Bausch & Lomb ULTRA for presbyopia would be right for you.

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