Acuvue Vita 3 Pack

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Benefits: UV protection. Protect your eyes from the suns damage all year long while wearing these lenses, as they filter out over 90% of UV rays. Superior comfort all month long. Clinical studies show that, not only do these lenses feel comfortable at the start of the month, but maintain their comfort all month long. Hydramax Technology Instilled throughout the lens to help reduce evaporation, keeping your lenses moist. ACUVUE Vita contact lenses are designed to provide supreme comfort and hydration throughout the course of the whole months wear. Using Hydramax Technology, these lenses prevent dehydrated eyes, which keeps them comfortable throughout the month. They also have a Class 1 UV filter, which means your eyes are protected from over 90% of the damaging UV rays emitted by the sun. Made from silicone hydrogel, these lenses keep your eyes healthy as a large amount of oxygen is able to travel through the lens.

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