Charm Amuse Cross Shaped Pearl Charm

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'Orchira''s Charm Amuse Cross shaped white pearl charm on sterling silver. Cultured fresh water pearls normally have no nuclei (core), but sometimes with a shaped core, the pearls can be formed in various shapes such as this one, a cross shape, making it a meaningful and special gem. For those that are religious or not for that matter, this cross charm can bring peace and protection to the wearer. The charm is hand mounted as a beautiful high lustre whitecross shaped pearl with a 925 silver clasp and is able to be hooked on any chain and bracelet. Why not buy the complete set of charms! Authentic cultured pearls Pearl size: 12 x 16 mm Pearl colour: White Pearl shape: cross Pearl lustre:Very High Pearl grade:AA Charm metal: 925 sterling silver rhodium plated lobster clasp and wire'

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