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'THE ILLUSIONISTS - WITNESS THE IMPOSSIBLE- the world''s best-selling touring magic show which has sold out in 71 cities across 17 countries - comes to London''s West End for the first time, starring the UK''s hottest magicianJamie Raven. Fresh from Britain''s Got Talent, where he captivated the British public with his unique magic tricks,Jamie Ravenjoins this ground breaking spectacular showcasing the dazzling talents of seven of the most incredible illusionists on earth. Brain-Bendingly Spectacular Daily Telegraph THE ILLUSIONISTSis a fast-paced and wildly entertaining show, featuring seven of the world''s greatest magicians. Full of hilarious magic tricks and death-defying stunts,THE ILLUSIONISTSmesmerises audiences of all ages. THE ILLUSIONISTSis the most successful magic show in Broadway''s history, where families flocked to see mind-blowing magic, jaw-dropping sleight of hand and acts of breath-taking wonder.THE ILLUSIONISTSis coming to captivate London. THE ILLUSIONISTSfeatures a cast of seven magical superheroes including: The Magician,Jamie Raven. The runner-up in Britains Got Talent 2015, Jamies first audition for the smash hitITVshow has been watched by 10 million people on YouTube, to date, and he wowed audiences of over 13 million during the live final last month. This is his West End debut. The Manipulator, Den Denis the one to watch in the world of magic, regarded as the magician of the moment, The Manipulators act combines a truly entrancing, poetic approach to card trickery with brilliant dexterity. His now you see it, now you dont trickery keeps the audience utterly engrossed, mixing visually beautiful performance with mind bending magic. The master of manipulation was recently named Magician of the Year (2014) by the Academy of Magical Arts and received the highest accolade from the Society of American Magicians. His award-winning act has marked him as one of the best in the World of manipulation! The Trickster, David Williamsonis known and loved by many as one of the most hilarious comedy magicians ever. His wicked sense of humour, combined with unrivalled, spectacular illusions has cemented David as a firm favourite and a must-see in the world of magic. With high praise from The International Brotherhood of Magicians, David has also been awarded Most Wanted Magician and has previously worked alongside fellow star illusionists David Blaine and David Copperfield and has also hosted hit UK TV series. The Trickster is not to be missed. The Escapologist,Andrew Basso. Italy''s star escape artist, Andrew considers Houdini his hero and is fast becoming one of the world''s most popular illusionists. He is the only person in the world to perform Houdini''s famous Water Torture Cell with absolutely no covers. The Inventor,Kevin James. Known for innovative illusions, Kevin is an inventor, comedian and collector of the strange and unusual. Kevin is one of the most prolific inventors of magic in the world and has created some of the most celebrated illusions of the last century. The Deductionist,ColinCloud. A forensic mind reader and the closest thing in the universe to the real life Sherlock Holmes. Mixing mind magic and brain science he''ll leave you convinced he''s a mystical savant with the hypnotic powers of a calculated angel. He''s potentially the most dangerous man in the world. Luckily, he''s on our side. The Warrior,Ben Blaque. One of the only performers on earth to attempt this type of stage performance, Ben Blaque has dazzled crows across this world with his completely unique display of archery and showmanship.'

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