Volume 2 Sex for the Over 40s DVDs

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Making love gets better with age - its true! Put the fun back into lovemaking Shows you how to overcome inhibitions Restore the excitement and rekindle the passion Build confidence in a new relationship Suitable only for persons of 18 years and over)shortcode accordion=Description) Many people believe that lovemaking ceases to exist after the age of 40-50, or that boredom sets in. But lovemaking can still be the most joyous and wonderful part of your life, at any age. The Couples Guide to Great Sex Over 40, Vols 1, 2 & 3 show you how to put the fun back into lovemaking. Based on sound medical research, leading sex therapists introduce real couples that show you how to overcome inhibitions and make lovemaking fun and exciting again. However, we must advise you that these DVDs are extremely explicit with each technique actually demonstrated. Who should buy these DVDs? Couples seeking to restore the excitement they had when they first met, or build confidence in a new relationship, and especially mature couples wanting to rekindle the passion of their younger days. Over 18s only.)/shortcode))shortcode tab=Reviews))/shortcode)

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