Ex-Hair Hair Stop

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Remove unwanted body hair for the last timePainless - no cuts, no pulling, no rash, no burnIt slows down future growth very effectivelyNo pain, no effort, no preparation - just quick, easy and gentle hair removal100% Natural )shortcode accordion=Description)This revolutionary Swiss breakthrough removes unwanted hair from your face and body. And it slows down future growth very effectively. Theres no pain, no effort, no preparation - just quick, easy and gentle hair removal. Ex-Hair hair stop is effective against facial hair, upper lip hair, underarm hair, abdominal hair, leg hair and even works on your bikini line. Easily applied and 100% natural, the pack contains Ex-Hair Hair Stop hair removal cream (100ml) and a Ex-Hair removal Roll on (75ml). )/shortcode) )shortcode accordion=Documentation)DOCUMENTATION FOR THIS ITEMYoull need Adobe Reader to access our documentation. Download it free >> Download user instructions)/shortcode) )shortcode accordion=Product FAQs)Frequently asked questions for this item: Is it suitable for sensitive skin?Normally yes, but please check on a small area first. Is it ok to apply over broken/bruised/irritated and damaged skin? Please do not use on irritated or damaged skin.Will my hair grow back? The main ingredient slows down the hair growth up to 24%. After regular use it will grow normally again.Is it safe to use over moles? If possible please avoid moles.How long before I notice a difference? After 2 weeks of regular use there should be a difference. How often can I use the product? Twice a day, morning and evening.Is it easy to apply? Apply gently to the corresponding skin areas after shaving or hair removal. What should I do for the best hair removal results?Depilate the skin as usual and apply the silky emulsion twice every day. Best results are achieved when the product is applied morning and evening. The especially mild formula allows application even in sensitive skin areas, such as top lip or genital area. )/shortcode) )shortcode accordion=Reviews) )/shortcode)

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